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It's a new year. If you're looking at forming new habits, you may want some inspiration and also practical and concrete guidance. The book Atomic Habits can help with that. You can decide on which apps and how to implement the tracking process later on. Pen and paper is also a viable option and there are plenty of templates you can download.

Download 08m 23d 2021 CraN2 rar

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With all that in mind, let's flatten list processing using thread-last. This isn't strictly necessary, but since this is the 2021 edition, we'll throw in this macro added to Emacs in 2016 as part of 25.1. Arthur Malabarba has a great post on thread-last.

To power our 2021 link scraper, we've used newer libraries included in more recent versions of Emacs, leveraged an older but solid HTML-parsing package, pulled in org mode (the epicenter of Emacs note-taking), dragged in our favorite completion framework, and tickled our handy browser all by smothering the lot with some elisp glue to make Emacs do exactly what we want. Emacs does rock. 041b061a72

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